A Semi truck/trailer can carry as much as one ton of water an hour! That extra load has to be made up by its power plant. In heavy rain, with less water being carried not only is side-spray reduced but so is the weight of the vehicle. Its been said  "the simplest things are the best". Who'd have thought, stemming from a concern to reduce road spray, from a simple innovative design tweak made 27 years ago that now - Sunshine or rain - a reduced coefficient of drag - even from a  mudflap - now means  "$green" flows back into your pocket book, the economyand environment 

 As proven in Lemans racing, be it on the track, or on a semi hauling Nascars from coast to coast, during inclement weather - as speed is increased -water standing on the road affects your directional stability, traction and fuel economy. Vortex performs like an air routing air extractor system rapidly disbursing water and air from the wheels and fender-wells. 

 As in racing, the Vortex principle not only helps facilitate cooler running brakes and tires, especially where fenders, full width mudflaps, and other proven advanced aerodynamic technologies the likes of; side skirts/wings, side/rear tire fender fairings & aero wheel covers likewise gaining popularity ( which can trap air ), but also - where wide base low rolling resistance tires are wisely retrofitted ( since smaller tire width exposes more ''traditional'' mudflap surface area   ) -  the residual effect of the Vortex principle compensates for the exponentially larger ''traditional'' mudflap surface area fleets are typicly left with due to replacement of narrower tires which otherwise now catches more air ( further exacerbating  the ''parachute'' effect ). Whereas Vortexs downward facing vents, smooths the otherwise additional harmful turbulent air & spray created from the traditional mudflap, now takes "the path of least resistance" and is instead channeled and dispersed (downward ) through our flap safely back to the road, reducing drag, and sidespray.   see  more on Vortex Principle  ( go back first paragraph ) 

Peek;  tire brake performance when arrid, and optimal traction while wet results in Maximum ...  Safety , performance & Protection ! 

Protection not only to your vehiclespaint and cargo from the assault of road tar and road grime but protection, and above all not only to your own; but also to the precious people that travel around your fleets vehicles through clearer visionnot least protection to the environment by way of a cleaner greener carbon foot print.  

 After discovering such a synergistic balance of optimal aerodynamics, peek rolling resistance tire performance, and optimal power train improvements, we're honored to be included among such a group of technologies  ( just as aero sideskirts, wheel covers & rolling resistance tires took decades of breaking through the all too familiar political /economic barriers while overcoming the fear of  "change",  with your support ) who like Edison - who never gave up - our light bulb moment too has arrived ! 

Its been said, ''necessity'' is the ''mother of invention''.  As our planet seeks solutions, as we approach the tipping point, where society demands nothing less than optimal fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability, while never compromising safety .... While endevoring to improve spray suppression 28 years ago, who could have dreamed by default of the logical ''path of least resistance'' which underscored the rational for Albert Z Morin to logicly engineer downward facing vents into a mudflap, that such a legacy ( by default of introducing holes into a mudflap) would year later, be adopted as an itegral solution to the future of aerodynamic truck design. 

 It’s been said life's a race ... Run it competitively, on time , without incident, efficiently and economiclly with Vortex’s High Performance Aerodynamic Mudflaps

 The automotive and trucking industry has relied on a multitude of aerodynamic & performance racing technologies as part of their respective R&D development strategies, many of which have already been integrated into new and improved vehicle design. Whether you're an OEM, fleet owner, or average car enthusiast you'll be sure to discover our proprietary airflow mudflap™ tech, adapted to the myriad of innovative aerodynamic OEM vehicle/trailer designs and unique concepts now rolling off the assembly lines, maximizes the ownership experience from driving dynamics & reliability to outstanding efficiency and environmental responsibility.