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Semi Truck/ Trailer 

"You asked me to outline some of the reasons we at Volvo Truck North America liked the Vortex splashguards.  As you know, one of Volvo's core values is SAFETY, and that means not only safety built into the product, but safety for the cars around our products.  Further, one hallmark of the Volvo product is their embrace for new technology and innovation.  Vortex splash guards are an innovative concept that supports safety for the cars around our trucks by minimizing the splash spray from truck's tires, and is innovative in the use of its material and design.  From a marketing perspective, we liked the looks and the support it provided for our core values, and is why we supported the marketing of the splashguards with our highest technology truck symposiums.

While the Vortex splashguards are not yet offered as a standard or option on the new production truck,  I believe they have value in the aftermarket segment of the business.  If you would like someone to contact me about the Vortex splashguard as an add on to a heavy duty truck, don't hesitate to use me as a reference."

Susan Alt  

Then - VP Marketing Volvo Trucks North America

Former President & CEO  Volvo Logistics North America


"Full-scale simulations of airflow past a Class-8 truck showing the effect of different mudflap designs on the aerodynamic drag force coefficient. These results show that mudflap design has an important influence on aerodynamic drag and hence fuel economy and exhaust emissions." (Sponsored by Riverbend Technology Institute)

(click) University of Tennessee Sim Center  Study  (scroll pg 39 ) 

(Click) Magnification of Sim Center Graph


"I have had the pleasure of Having the Vortex Splash guards of my truck before

just about anyone, The Vortex Splash Guards are still on the Truck I sold in 2010.

They have been on the truck from day one. I took them off the Last Freightliner I 

traded in. These Splash guards have been on my trucks for 6 Years. I was very impressed

with my improved vision in the rain. I have been driving for over 35 years and Vision is Everything.

I would encourage everyone to put Vortex Splash Guards on there Semi Tractors they help

your drivers see better and they Last for years.


I have not taken one dollar from Vortex Splash Guards for my endorsement of the Great

product. I have always been about Safety on the American Highways. If every Driver can 

see better we all will have a safer trip

 Thank you" 

Southaven, Mississippi

– Past Broker for FedEx , Trucker Buddy President, and Captain on America's Road team in 2000 &    

Don Nehring



Tuners And Pick Ups

I absolutely love the Vortex Splash Guards on my Subaru  WRX STI

It made the car look that much more like a rally car ! 

Not only are they very cool looking but also have aerodynamic benefits.

 I've already discussed with my race team manager about having them installed onto the transporters

kyle Marcelli

Owner of STI Subaru  

Professional Race Car Driver 


"No one's posted pictures of how the sides of the truck looks after a muddy ride. I'd like to see that. Right now, you can't even tell where my freakin' door handles are at!" (Originally Posted HUCK BB62)

"i have had these Vortex on for a while... been trough slush and mud....

they work... i started this thread because of the problem... after installing the Flaps.. no more problems....

it works!"



"I can say one thing: Get 'em on your truck. 

They look like they're made for it. You forget they're on there except for the fact that your running boards are immaculate and you don't have ANY slung stuff on your truck!

I'm dead in the middle of spring break-up here in Alaska. Believe me, that's the most gruelling test of a mud flap. I used to accumulate crud on my running boards and on the side of my truck ! 

I love the danged things, seriously."

Huck BB62 


"I've purchased a pair, installed them, and had the opportunity to test them on some nasty Alaskan slush and dirt covered roads. They work quite well! Certainly, they're not going to keep the truck spotless from dirt, what with road spray from other vehicles and even from our own tires, but they keep the high-velocity larger particles from slamming into the paint.

Basically, the truck was getting sandblasted every day I drove it. I had to so something about it, and fast!"


I bought two sets of these for my Jaguar Vanden Plas. They are an awesome addition to my car. They are made of a thick molded plastic that won't flex from the wind. Apparently they save you a percentage of a mile per gallon vs traditional mud flaps but who cares? They look kick@$$. The price was definitely right as they cost the same as regular


Air Flow Tow Guards

"Dear Mr. Brammer

I purchased your model LTG-72 in April of this year & installed at Logansport, In. Made the trip from their to Alaska later part of April 22 06. The Tow Guard did an Excellent job of preventing rock chips to the trailer and the load.

Thank you"

Deano (J Dean Adams, Anchorage, Alaska) 


"Recently I ordered a fifth wheel tail gate for my truck. One of the brackets had been striped during your assembly. I called and was very pleased how soon you folks responded and shipped a new end piece. Great Job thanks for the wonderful service! It was a real pleasure to deal with your staff!"

Paul Newburn, Alliance, Ohio


"Dear Bob,

We had a very nice trip out here to Arizona. The rear Louvered Tow Guard (model no. LTG-96) worked great. What little bad weather we had was only one day of rain. I could see by my lower outside mirrors that the louvered tow guard was working the way it was designed to channeling water onto the road and not out the sides of the guard into traffic like our old mud guard did. Additionally, the front of our Subaru (tow car) looked great when we got here with no stone chips. 

We had several opportunities going into and coming out of sites at the RV parks we stayed at for the Louvered Tow Guard to flex, but it still looks like new. You have created a super product and we hightly recommend it"

Jim & Barb Miller, Peoria, Arizona