Industry  DISCOVERS Engineering Marvel  -  Aerodynamic Mudflaps are bar none the undisputed industries best ROI & least cost AERO option to going green.  EVERY BIT indeed COUNTS !  Facts speak for themselves!

 Richard Bransons CWR Trucking Efficiency NACFE PARTNERSHIP  confirms Vortex Splash Guards among key Fuel efficiency and spray suppressant solutions.  

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Vortex's high performance low spray, low drag, fuel saving ventedmudflaps™...

maximizes your (cost of) ownership experience from driving dynamics & reliability to outstanding; safetystyling, performance and environmental responsibility

In addition to safety, given their minuscule investment  when it comes to Fuel efficiency and ''power to reach'' (brand building) its no wonder Aerodynamic Mudflaps™, bar none, have been hailed as industries "most practical low cost low lying fruit".

Its no coincidence as a result of; rising fuel prices, steep competition, global warming, popularity and pressure from environmental advocacy groups, not least unrest in the middle east, the EPA has launched the first ever fuel economy and exhaust emissions standards for HD trucks . As looming carbon tax  (Report below) likewise threatens steep fines for non adherents, truck OEM's have since spent $billions on powertrain R&D only to eek out what seems to be a meager 1.5% - 3% fuel economy gain ... doesn't seem like much savings does it ? In reality it 's huge. Upwards of $3000/year savings per truck. When it comes to "cost of ownership", all truck OEM’s the likes of Daimler, Navistar, Paccar and Volvo, and now trailer makers have all come to recognize the synergy of, and essential investment in, aerodynamic treatments and powertrain ... in untold billions. One such example – of many since - was PACCARS discovery and subsequent announcement that "traditional mudflaps are a major source of drag" and that even "trimming" mudflaps could yield upwards of .5 to 1.5 % fuel savings ( CNN announcement below ). Its no co-incidence then why most Truck/trailer OEM’s involved in the Super Truck Stimulus initiative  have now aptly included Aerodynamic Mudflaps technology an integral aerodynamic component on their recent Supert Trucks.   Peterbilt Super Truck  (click).   Daimler Inspiration Innovation Truck/trailer combo  (click Article ). Click (Video)  DAIMLER INNOVATION Truck, by Dr. ELMAR Boeckenhoff, who's inception evidently lead to this ultimate ''Inspiration Truck''  which although in these instances are evidently impractical for real world, drives home what an optimal drag reducing, heat venting, spray dispersing, fender (with integrated wheel cover fairings) looks like.


That 1 - 1.5 % fuels savings (from a mudflap) is equal to the best, not least upwards of half, of what all OEMs and industry has been able to achieve through its combined efforts (in $billions ) to improve powertrain performance. A 1% average fuel saving from Vortex ( Yes from ..Aerodynamic Mudflaps™ alone ) represents a "staggering" savings between $500 - $1000 plus upwards of 1.5 less tons of C02 per truck per year not to mention improved highway safety through improved vision during inclement weather. Vortex has proven to be yet another game changing aerodynamic tech. Our award winning proprietary IP's hold the distinguished honor of have been both officially registered and recognized by industry as the worlds first commercialized mudflap to aerodynamically optimize fuel savings & spray suppression through the introduction permeable airflow. As such, Vortex's proprietary ventilated flow-thrumudflap has evidently proven to be nothing short of an engineering marvel ! Still not sure ? ...  check out the facts below , rest of our site and the "www" ... $ 80 average /truck & trailer investment = upwards of  $1000 saved and 1 ton less C02 every year thereafter !  A 1% avg fuel savings means an ROI upwards of 1250 % in the first year alone

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From the smoothing of Nosecones' front exterior skins to the sleek lines of  aerodynamic side-skirts & underbelly systems to the slatt'd contours of the worlds first purpose built aerodynamic mudflap, Vortex is proud to stand among such a distinguished group of "future truck technology innovators" who not only invented solutions to overcoming the counterproductive/hazardous effects of; gas guzzeling, C02 producing and spray generating, traditional "Boxed" designs ( inherently associated with Class 8 trucks, Trailers & Vans ) but likewise dared to dream outside of the "Box" of conventional thinking. 

Trucks of the future have arrived ... The aerodynamic revolution has begun .... 

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See EPA / Smartway Regulatory Impact Analysis  (pg 546 : figure 11-2 ) which includes proposed "BOX/ TRAILER LEGISLATION" confirming technologies EPA have tested that "Reduce surface area perpendicular to travel"  including those that "manage airflow through passive aerodynamic shapes"   "which can be optimized to minimize  trailer  aerodynamic drag"  including "tractor aerodynamic drag"  

CCJ press release announces 2018  (click)will usher in 1st ever EPA Trailer Legislation including aero, rolling resistance and weight reduction technologies  including National Research Council  (click) NAP Report 

Or Upload NHTSA  Fuel Eff. PDF document   ( see pg 546 : figure 11-2 ) and Carbon Tax Report in its entirety    

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INDUSTRIES BEST ROI : LEAST COST AERO option to go & $ave green while improving safety and @ 14 million impressions/year per truck 3M ( ATA study - click )  generating unprecidented brand awarness as ''industrial mobile business cards''  through their POWER TO REACH !     


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 ( Click )  UTC SIM CENTER CFD monumental validation   (8% Drag Reduction) =  1 to 1.5 % Fuel Savings 


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NACFE REPORT  (pgs 25,26 &30 ) 45% adoption Rate for aerodynamic mudflaps ( vented )  on Trailer plus 30% of trucks on top 10 largest fleets (trailers) in North America. 2nd most popular all around aero FE solution for Trailers.