Outside of alternative fuel technology as the Ultimate solution ( particularly NGV- HPDI & EV tech ) - to reducing  fuel costs & the environment ] it seems until the billions are spent on developing the necessary infrastructure and logistics to support some or all of amazing power plant ( engine ) technologies that are being developed -  its no wonder why aerodynamic technologies, particularly those on trailers ( since trailers produce the most drag ) have become so highly sought after by industry as the ultimate IMMEDIATE solution to meet  2012-16 EPA fuel economy criteria without breaking budget. Matters not what kind of tech that drives our future trucks, any such aerodynamic improvements will underscore any kind of energy used to drive the future power plants of today and in the future !    

OEM, Industry, & fleets have never in history  been so collaboratively  focused on aerodynamic improvements as now. Ironically until now it’s been truck OEM's making the initial scramble to avoid penalties for not meeting deadlines. After discovering most of the fuel economy gains will not come from engine improvements alone but a pooling of tractor & aerodynamic trailer improvements, trailer manufacturers ( per previous EPA/NHTSA.pdf pg 546 ) realize its only a matter of time before either carbon tax or fuel economy legislation will likewise apply to them too - even though trailers don't (directly ) consume fuel. 

With so much riding on economic recovery, its no wonder why the Economic Recovery Act itself essentially called for Industry, Government  & average joe innovators to collaborate like never before.  

 Transforming the American Economy Through Innovation ( scroll minute 18:59)  -)over video footage indicator #19 video footage indicator #19

 Joe Biden so eloquently declared that it was the spirit of innovation, by average joes tinker's who dared to dream and persevered through daunting adversity to achieve it,  that made our nations so great. 

What drove Vortex to persevere has likewise been a passionate desire to make a global difference in the lives and world we live in. Change doesn't come easy for anyone. No different even for Gov'ts and OEM's despite their respective mandates to strive to improve fuel savings and road safety. We're so grateful for the support of those who first recognized our innovative contribution along the way & why we celebrate the dreams of those who first dared to champion the first public road safety and environmental advocacy groups ( pro-actively acting on behalf of the concerned public ) spanning as far back as 30 years ago that paved the way for our dreams of making a global difference. Your great vision and unified supporters  [ who's pressure inspired OEM's and Gov't to take action, now saves fleets millions which pours back into the economy in the form of , competitive rates & services, and above all billions of tons of Co2 reduction - not least,  less reliance on foreign oil ] inspired Vortex to take the seemingly impossible risk it would require for any average joe ( as I am ) to break through the inevitable bureaucracy associated with pioneering such game world class technology as aerodynamic mudflaps.   

The development and deployment of such game changing technologies is a true testament to what can be achieved through collaborative unification. At the end of the day, our economy and planet are counting on such innovative technologies of the future. Advanced technology solutions - engineered to help, OEM's, fleets & auto users alike - which improve road safety while saving green $ and going green benefits everyone ! 

Thanks so much for your support. Your actions have made, and are making, a difference... More to be done. Be sure to join us on facebook, and please keep spreading the word on your blogs, twitter ,google + and other www. venues. 

PS. Stay tuned, exciting announcements to follow !